Othm Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies in Islamabad

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Othm Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies in Islamabad


The Level 7 qualifications in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies are designed to enable learners / practitioners to provide the highest standards of patient and client care during all stages of delivering cosmetic / aesthetic injectable therapies.

By achieving these qualifications, learners will acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to administer treatments safely and appropriately, adhering to the principles of ‘do no harm’ and promoting public health at all times.

The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies qualification is a fully ‘Approved Education and Training Qualification’ accredited by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP).


OTHM qualifications at RQF Level 7 represent practical knowledge, skills, capabilities and competences that are assessed in academic terms as being equivalent in level to Master’s Degrees, Integrated Master’s Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Postgraduate Certificates.

Qualification structure

The OTHM Level 7 Diploma consists of 7 mandatory units for a combined total of 60 credits, 600 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 185 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the completed qualification.

Mandatory units

Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Dermatology for Aesthetic Injectable Therapies (8 credits)
Medical Assessment, Consultation and Image Recording (10 credits)
Clinical Health, Safety and Welfare (10 credits)
Aesthetic Injectable Therapies for Facial Treatments (12 credits)
Aesthetic Injectable Therapies for Non-Facial Treatments (4 credits)
Values, Ethics and Professionalism in Applied Cosmetic Aesthetic Practice (10 credits)
Critical Literature Review (6 credits)

Duration and delivery
Centres wishing to offer this qualification must become an OTHM approved delivery centre. In addition to meeting centre approval requirements for Ofqual regulated qualifications, centres must also meet the JCCP premises standards as a minimum JCCP_Premises_Standards_Terms_of_Reference and are encouraged to apply for membership of the JCCP.

The qualification is designed to be delivered flexibly in order to accommodate full time, part-time and distance and blended learning.

Assessment and verification
OTHM stipulate that centre trainers have the required training and qualifications in line with JCCP requirements and as outlined below and can demonstrate these.

All units within this qualification are internally assessed by the centre and externally verified and quality assured by OTHM. The qualifications are criterion referenced, based on the achievement of all the specified learning outcomes. As there is a large competency based element to the qualification, learners will be required to reflect competence achievement.

To achieve a ‘pass’ for a unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria. Judgement that the learners have successfully fulfilled the assessment criteria is made by the Assessor.

The Assessor should provide an audit trail showing how the judgement of the learners’ overall achievement has been arrived at.

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