Licqual Level 4 International Diploma in Disaster Management in Islamabad

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Licqual Level 4 International Diploma in Disaster Management in Islamabad

Course Description
LICQual Level 4 International Diploma in Disaster management aims to equip learners to prepare for potentially disastrous events. This starts with a true exploration of risk.
Whether a global pandemic, flooding, terrorism or other potentially devastating events, organizations need to recognize the risks and be prepared to handle both crises and disasters as part of an effective continuity strategy

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

Build a knowledge to deal with the human, material, economics or environmental impacts of disaster.
Manage resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies.
Develop a comprehensive approach to disaster management i.e. Prevention, Preparedness, response and recovery from disaster.
Build a knowledge to resist, absorb, accommodate, and recover from the effects of a hazard in a timely and effective manner.
Understand Geospatial techniques in disaster management.
Develop ability to influence or motivate a group or community towards disaster management.
The LICQual Level 4 International Diploma or Certification in Disaster Management comprises 5 mandatory units making a combined total of 100 credits, 1000 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 500 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the completed qualification

Mandatory Units
Unit 1. Overview of Disaster Management
Unit 2. Disaster Management Approaches: Preparedness, Response and Recovery
Unit 3. Natural Hazards and Resilient Communities

Unit 4. Geospatial Techniques in Disaster Management: A Critical Introduction
Unit 5. Leadership in Disaster Management
TQT: Represents the number of notional hours expected as required to complete a qualification.
GLH: Represents the number of hours a trainer is available to teach and supervise the learner working on a qualification.
Credit: Represents the number of credits which may be awarded to a learner to successfully complete the qualification.

  • One credit is equal to the 10 hours of TQT.

Assessment Criteria:
The qualification assessment criteria is assignment based, but to achieve a pass, the learner must fulfill all the learning requirements of each unit, and at the end of every unit an interview will be conducted as an evidence to ensure that the work truly belongs to the learner.

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