Licqual ISO 31000 — Risk Management System in Islamabad

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Licqual ISO 31000 — Risk Management System in Islamabad

Training Lesson plan:
Day 1: Introduction to ISO 31000 and risk management and establishing the risk management framework
Day 2: Initiation of the risk management process and risk assessment based on ISO 31000
Day 3: Risk treatment, recording and reporting, monitoring and review, and communication and consultation according to ISO 31000

Assessment and CA Credits
Comprehensive assessment is made up of 35 multiple-choice questions, 2 short essay questions and 10 true or false questions.
Assessment duration: 1 hour 30 mins
Participants who complete this course will receive a Certificate of Attendance from our training organization and 3 hours of risk management continuing education credits which are recognized in the actuarial, health and safety, banking, insurance, security fields and others.

Course Outline
Risk Management fundamentals
Principles for managing risks in the workplace
Risk Management Process
Risk Management framework
Communication and consultation
Identification of Risk
Analysis and evaluate of risks
Framework and process described in ISO 31000:2018
Risk based thinking, structure of ISO 31000 standard
Use ISO 31000:2018 key terms
Importance and benefits of ISO 31000:2018
Correlation between ISO 31000, IEC/ISO 31010 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
Risk Management and future trends
Key challenges and imperatives to manage risk
How to establish an effective risk communication plan
Mitigation and monitoring of risks
Methods and techniques used to manage risk within an organization
How to establish a risk recording and reporting process
Ways to effectively manage and monitor risk based on best practices
Business and risk management trends
Leadership role in managing risk at all levels
How to interpret the ISO 31000 principles
Role of Management in achieving objectives and improving performance in risk management

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