Three Years Instrumentation Technology Diploma Course in Islamabad

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Diploma in Instrument Technology is a Diploma level Instrumentation Engineering course. Instrumentation is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area. Instrumentation Technology is the integration of different branches of sciences which are put together to achieve required functional goal, so the students are made to know the basics of the relevant engineering branches, so as to have a clear understanding about the process, equipment and controls as the modern industries use electronic controls which are more efficient, effective and accurate and the old magnetic and electrical control have all become obsolete.

1 year

Islamiyat / Pak Studies
Applied Physics
Applied Chemistry
Applied Mathematics-I
Computer Applications
Basic Engg Drawing & CAD
Principles of Electricity and Electronics
Instrumentation Workshop Practice

2nd Year

Islamiyat / Pak Studies
Business Management & Industrial
Applied Mathematics-II
Process Variable Measurements
Semi-Conductor devices and Electronics
Electrical and Electronics Measuring
Electrical Circuit Analysis
Digital circuits and Microprocessor
Instrumentation Drawing
Safety Practice

3rd year

Islamiyat / Pak Studies
Industrial Management and Human
Business Communications
Industrial Instrumentation and Control
Advance Control System
Analytical Instruments
Instruments Servicing and Calibration
Sensors and Transducer
Boiler Instrumentation