Three Years Food Processing and Preservation Technology Diploma Course in Islamabad

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Food preservation is the science of treating and handling food intended to stop or slow down spoilage; loss of quality, edibility or nutritional value. Food Preservation is also known as a Process to store or preserve food for a long period of time, through various techniques and thus extending the shelf life of food while retaining the nutritional quality of food as much as possible and avoiding the growth of unwanted micro-organisms.Maintaining or creating nutritional value, texture and flavor are important factors involved in food preservation. The need for food preservation arose because Food is prone to spoilage, the moment it is harvested. To save them from getting spoiled the humans started accumulating knowledge of food preservation. Consequently various food preserving methods were dictated by environmental regions and relied heavily on climate and weather. These were learned, practised and passed on to the next generation. Further, some preserved food items became cultural, religious and or ceremonial practices rather than means for sustenance. Many modern methods of food preservation are based on ancient practices. Some involve storage methods, some involve packaging, and some involve treating the food in particular ways prior to or during storage.

Islamiat/Pakistan Studies
Computer Applications
Applied Chemistry
Applied Physics
Applied Mathematics-I(PaperA+B)
Engineering Drawing
Workshop Practice
Introduction to Food Science
Fundamental of Food processing & Preservation

Islamiat/Pakistan Studies
Business Management and Industrial Economics
Applied Mathematics-II(PaperA+B)
Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology
Cereal and Baking Technology
Dairy Processing Technology
Oil and Fat Processing Technology
Sugar and Confectionery Technology
General & Food Microbiology
Food Chemistry & Instrumentation

Islamiat/Ethics and Pakistan Studies
Business Communications and Tech Writing
Industrial Mgmt and Human Relations
Meat Poultry and Fish Technology
Beverages Processing Technology
Food Packaging
Quality Control
Waste Management
Food Engineering
Special Project
Food Plant Layout and Hygiene