Three Years Auto & Farm Machinery Engineering Diploma Course in Islamabad

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It is a Engineering Diploma program. As the name suggests, this training program deals with farm machinery technology. Agriculture sector is known to make use of different types of machines such as – tractors, harvesters, fertilizer sprayers, automatic sprinklers, other automatic tools & machinery etc. Machinery plays an important role in agricultural productivity. Directly and indirectly, the use of automatic tools and machinery is known to improve agricultural productivity. Like other equipment, tools and machinery, farm machinery also may malfunction. Farm machinery usually consists of different components. Components are arranged in a systematic manner to make it work. Malfunctioning may occur due to fault in any component. It may also result due to wear and tear taking place in the machinery.

1st Year
Islamiat & Pak Studies
Applied Mathematics-I
Applied Physics
Workshop Practice-I
a) Machine shop & Safety Practice
b) Metal shop, Welding Practice & Foundry
I.C Engine
Automotive Electricity & Electronics
Computer Application
Basic Engineering Drawing & CAD-I

2nd year
Islamiat & Pak Studies
Applied Chemistry
Applied Mathematics-II
Applied Physics/Applied Mechanics
Industrial Management & Economics
Suspension, Steering & Brakes
Workshop Practice-II
Applied Thermodynamics
Farm Machinery-I
Crop Husbandry

3rd year
Islamiat & Pak Studies
Business Communication
Motor Vehicle Inspection
Fuel Injection & Carburetion
Automotive Transmission
Computer Application in CAD & Automation
Soils Fertilizers
Farm Machinery-II
Earth Moving Machinery
Workshop Practice-III