Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling certificate Course

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Every year thousands of accidents and hundreds of fatalities occur to workers with scaffolding jobs in the Oil & Gas and the Construction Industries.Most of the injuries involved in scaffold accidents are caused by either the planking or support giving way, workers falling or to the employee slipping. In addition, following incorrect operating procedures will also lead to accidents. Furthermore, environmental conditions, being struck by falling materials, and plank slippage are apparently some of the most common causes of serious accidents. Unsafe scaffolding procedures can cause accidents, serious injuries and even death. However, scaffolding can give people efficient and safe means to perform work. It also has many applications. When properly erected and maintained, scaffolding provides workers a safe access to work areas, level, and stable working platforms, and temporary storage for tools and materials.We are glad to welcome you to the website of PRIT Private Limited.Professional Revolutionary Institute of Technology Private Limited is approved and accredited by the numerous International & national Diploma, Qualification & Certification awarding bodies.We are the Pioneer organization which is issuing Same Certificate/Diploma in five languages English, French, Chinese, Arabic & Urdu.(This is only applicable on PRIT Qualifications).International and Other organization’s certificates will be in English.A good thing is that anyone can apply for admission from any part of the world.

Course Outline:

• Introduction
• Define Manual Material Handling(MMH)
• Identify five types of MMH activities
• Back injury statistics
• General causes of back injury
• Injury prevention: Maintain posture
• Factors that influence MMH
• Safe lifting guidelines
• Implement safe lifting plan
• Define safe loading
• Roles and responsibility of management, operation personnel, and drivers
• Identify and prevent unsafe loading
• Ten commandments for safe loading
• Identify vehicles for different cargo loads
• Types of headboards
• Load securing equipment
• Stacking / placement of cargoes
• Load restraint principles