nternational Diploma in Registered Safety Inspector Level 3 / General Industry

(For Registration & Fee Details ,  please Contact 0092-321-1222295/96)

Qualification Number             102/226232/022

Registered Safety Inspector inspect machines, equipment, working conditions and public places to ensure compliance with government and industry standards and regulations, in relation to occupational health and safety.Inspectors have the power to:

  • examine equipment specifications, and inspecting and testing machines, equipment and clothing to ensure compliance with safety standards and serviceability
  • inspect factories and other work sites to ensure compliance with government and industry standards and regulations
  • observe workers to ensure protective devices are being utilised according to regulations and that combustible and other hazardous materials are used and stored in accordance with approved procedures
  • conduct tests in work areas to detect toxic fumes, explosive gas-air mixtures and other work hazards
  • ensure fire prevention equipment and other safety supplies, such as first aid kits, stretchers and blankets, conform to standards
  • assist in conducting safety meetings and campaigns, and organising training in general safety principles in keeping with regulations
  • advise organisations on ways to comply with occupational health and safety legislative requirements

Eligibilty:     Age 18 +  ; Competency in English Language  ; Level  1 / 2 in  H.S.E.
Duration :   One Year / Two Years ( As per Candidate’s Requirement )

Course details :

Required Courses (4)

1.OSHA 511 OSHA Standards for General Industry
2.OSHA 501 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry OR OSHA 503 Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers
3.OSHA 7505 Introduction to Incident (Accident) Investigation
4.OSHA 7845 Recordkeeping Rule Seminar

Elective Courses (Choose 4)

OSHA 521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene
OSHA 2015 Hazardous Materials
OSHA 2045 Machinery & Machine Guarding
OSHA 2225 Respiratory Protection
OSHA 2255 Principles of Ergonomics
OSHA 5119 Cal/OSHA Standards for General Industry
OTC 308 Safety Inspection Techniques

SHORT-COURSES – Three of the short-courses below count as one elective  (maximum allowed 6)

7100 Introduction to Machinery and Machine Safeguarding
7105 Evacuation & Emergency Planning
7120 Introduction to Combustible Dust Hazards
7115 Lockout/Tagout
7200 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control for Healthcare Facilities
7205 Health Hazard Awareness
7300 Understanding OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Standards
7400 Noise Hazards in the Construction Industry
7500 Introduction to Safety & Health Management