International Diploma in Quantity Surveyor Course

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Qualification Number             102 / 226232 / 026

If you have strong numerical and financial management skills, a practical mind and like the idea of travelling within your role, becoming a quantity surveyor could be ideal for you.As a quantity surveyor you’ll manage all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. Working either for the client or the contractor, in an office or on site, you’ll be involved in a project from the start.You’ll seek to minimise the cost of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality. This includes ensuring statutory building regulations are met. You’ll prepare estimates and costs of the work and when the project is in progress, you’ll keep track of any variations to the contract that may affect costs and create reports to show profitability.
As a quantity surveyor, you’ll need to:

  • prepare tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the architect and/or the client
  • undertake cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work
  • assist in establishing a client’s requirements and undertake feasibility studies
  • perform risk, value management and cost control
  • advise on a procurement strategy
  • identify, analyse and develop responses to commercial risks
  • prepare and analyse costings for tenders
  • allocate work to subcontractors
  • provide advice on contractual claims
  • analyse outcomes and write detailed progress reports
  • value completed work and arrange payments
  • maintain awareness of the different building contracts in current use
  • understand the implications of health and safety regulations.

Once you’ve gained sufficient experience and specialist knowledge, you may also:

  • offer advice on property taxation
  • provide post-occupancy advice, facilities management services and life cycle costing advice
  • assist clients in locating and accessing additional and alternative sources of funding
  • enable clients to initiate construction projects
  • advise on the maintenance costs of specific buildings.

Eligibilty:     Age 18 +  ; Competency in English Language  ; 
Duration :   One Year / Two Years ( As per Candidate’s Requirement )

Course details :

Year 1
In your first year you will explore fundamental elements relating to the industry.
1.Introduction to the Built Environment
2.Building Technology and Design
3.Indoor Environment and Building Services 1
4.Land and Construction Surveying
5.Construction Materials
Year 2
In your second year, you will build on the knowledge and skills you have gained in your first year and begin to explore aspects of quantity surveying in more depth.
1.Cost and Contract Administration
2.Estimation and Quantification of Works
3.Construction Methods and Technology
4.Indoor Environments and Building Services 2
5.Quantity Surveying
6.Building Information Modelling (BIM)