International Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training

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Qualification Number             102/226232/017

The PRIT diploma is respected worldwide as a representation of achievement in a teacher-training program of quality, integrity, and authenticity and is earned through successful completion of an intensive training program .  The comprehensive training includes educational theory and child developmental psychology, classroom observation, practice teaching, and material preparation. Dr. Montessori saw education as a natural process for children. This vision is implemented through the experience and wisdom of highly competent, international Montessori trainers. Learning includes a voyage of personal discovery for student teachers. The Montessori philosophy, which is at the heart of the course, is offered within the framework of contemporary child development. Developmentally appropriate materials support all learning concepts and are modelled within the prepared environment. 

Eligibilty:     Graduate / Postgraduate
Duration :    One Year / Two Years ( As per Candidate’s Requirement)

Course details :

1.Historic foundations of the scientific approach to Montessori education and philosophy
2.Stages of child development in the contemporary context
3.Daily life activities, including practical skills through movement and music
4.Sensorial development as a foundation for intellectual life
5.Language development as a foundation for social life
6.The preparation of the mathematical mind
7.The cultural and science subjects
8.The Montessori prepared environment as related to environmental design
9.The child in relation to the family and the community
10.Classroom management
11.Parent education