International Diploma in Electrical Technology Level 2

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Qualification Number             102/226232/004

The Electrical  Technology program provides instruction in the inspection, maintenance, installation, and repair of electrical systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial industries. A combination of theory and practical application is emphasized to develop academic, technical, and professional knowledge and skills. Program graduates receive a diploma in Electrical  Technology with a specialization in residential or industrial applications.Electrical technology deals with all machines, tools, devices, and systems in which a current or a flow of electrons takes place through conductors and metals. It involves the design and development of high-voltage systems and components such as motors, generators, heaters, electrical power transmission and distribution systems, radio wave and optical systems, converters, and control systems for operating light and heavy machinery. Almost all of our low or high-tech gadgets today involve the use of electrical current to operate, making electrical energy the main- and possibly the only- factor to define what electrical technology is.

Eligibilty:  10 + &  Competency in English Language
Duration :  One Year / Two Years ( As per Candidate Requirement )

Course details :

  • electrical system design
  • lighting design
  • electrical power generation
  • relaying and protection
  • electrical systems and transmission design
  • electrical machines
  • industrial control systems
  • instrumentation
  • Introduction to Computer Literacy
  • Industrial Safety Procedures
  • Direct Current 
  • Alternating Current Fundamentals
  • Electrical Prints, Schematics/Symbols
  • Basic Commercial Wiring
  • Advanced Commercial Wiring
  • Electric Motors
  • Electrical Controls
  • Basic Residential Wiring
  • Advanced Residential Wiring
  • Photovoltaic Systems