International Diploma in Disaster Management Course

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Qualification Number             102/226232/011

The Diploma in Disaster Management is designed to provide students with skills that will prepare them for a broad range of employment whilst allowing them to focus on skills of particular value in disasters and crisis situations.
Man- Made and natural disasters have led to an increased number of refugees and displaced persons and even deaths worldwide. The needs of these affected populations are centered on common public health concerns such as food, shelter, water, sanitation, prevention of disease outbreaks and the treatment of injury and disease. Yet, meeting these basic needs under emergency circumstances poses unique and management problems particularly in developing countries. An even greater challenge is helping to restore essential services in post-disaster and conflict situations.
The program aims :
• To provide students with the theoretical and practical background for understanding and addressing the issues associated with sustainable development, in the context of both natural and man-made disasters.
• To equip graduates with the awareness, understanding and skills essential for effective participation in action as individuals and as members of a team in crises situations.
• To introduce students to ethics, codes and standards of good practice in disaster management.
• To describe strategies for early warning and prevention of humanitarian crises.
• To enable students understand the synergy between emergency development interventions’ and sustainable development programmes.
• Prepare students to have the core knowledge and skills needed to assume leadership in responding to the multifaceted demands of sustainable development in emergencies and in normal development tasks and activities.
• Assist students identify and analyse common successes and challenges related to sustainable development activities and apply their core knowledge in solving problems within their field of work.

Eligibilty:  Age 18 +
Duration : One Year / Two Years (As per Candidate requirement)

Course details :

1.Introduction to Academic Integrity

2.Foundations in Disaster and Emergency Management

3.Facilitation, Coordination and Decision Making in Multi-Stakeholder Environments

4.Human Dimensions of Disasters

5.Hazard and Disaster Risk Management

6.Disaster Response and Sustainable Recovery

7.Foundations of Research