International Diploma in Civil Surveyor Course

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Qualification Number             102 / 226232 / 024

Surveying is the science of measuring the physical world around us to determine the shape and position of objects or features. Surveying skills are applied to a wide variety of activities, from exploration for natural resources such as oil and natural gas, to determining the boundary between two parcels of land and controlling the layout of buildings and highways. To accomplish this, surveyors employ a number of technological approaches for measuring the physical world. These include use of highly accurate modern instruments for measuring and recording distances, angles and heights, as well as advanced positioning devices such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS).In this program, you learn practical measurement skills and techniques, as well as the theories related to surveying.

Eligibilty:     Age 18 +  ; Competency in English Language  ; 
Duration :   One Year / Two Years ( As per Candidate’s Requirement )

Course details :

1.Introduction to WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
2.Surveying I
3.Survey Mathematics
4.Fieldwork I
5.Introduction to AutoCAD
6.Communications Fundamentals
7.Advanced Mapping
8.Surveying II
9.Automated Drafting and Coordinate Geometry
10.Introduction to Geodesy and Map Projections
11.Survey Law
12.Fieldwork II
13.Technical Writing
14.Global Navigation Satellite System
15.Advanced Computer Applications