International Certificate in English Language

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Qualification Number             102/226232/008

An academic certificate is a formal document signifying that an individual has either successfully completed a course of study in a given area or has passed a predetermined test or series of tests in a particular industry or is a broad range of material that can be covered in such a course of study, but most English certificate courses include a comprehensive review of both the English language and various notable works of English literature. Depending on the geographic region through which an English certificate course is taken, it may emphasize familiarization with the language itself over a careful review of noteworthy written works, or vice versa.Students who successfully complete a certificate course in English are prepared for a wide variety of global positions across a broad array of sectors such as education, library science, publishing, writing and politics, among others. They are generally more likely to be hired than their career competitors without an English certificate.

Eligibilty: Age 12 +
Duration : Three Months / Six Months (As per Candidate requirement)

Course details :

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Personal Writing
  • Functional English
  • Media Studies
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Fiction