Higher Diploma in Visual Communication Course

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Programme Aims :
This programme aims to develop students’ ability to communicate creatively by using creative visual and digital media. The focus of the programme is to equip students with visual communication skills on analytical thinking, visual expression and problem-solving, message interpretation, manipulation and communication through a wide range of graphic design media including branding and marketing, persuasive strategy, information, interactive design and visual manipulation. We aim at nurturing self-motivated problem-solvers who are observant, curious, passionate and dare to explore new frontiers in visual communication.The programme also provides a broad educational experience with creativity, project management, interpersonal communication and team-building skills which match industry demands for flexible, articulate graduates who are able to compete in a dynamic, fast paced and ever changing regional creative environment.This programme is designed with an emphasis on generic, language and communication training, whole-person development and work experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.

Eligibilty :   Bachelor degree and / or F.Sc./A’Level/Intermediate  + Work Experience
Duration : One Year

Career Prospects :
Diploma Holders will be recruited as graphic designer, information designer, brand consultant, web / interactive designer, event / promotion art director, packaging designer, book designer, illustrator, photographer, photo-editor, in areas as diverse as graphic house, design consultant, branding, advertising, magazine and publication media, book design, multimedia and animation, packaging, digital marketing, event and exhibitions, illustration, environmental and spatial graphic, museum display, art / event promotion, advertising photography, journalism, and image direction. Graduates frequently work as individual design practitioners and design entrepreneurs setting up their own studios.

Core Modules:
-Presentation Skills for Designers
-Design Methodology
-Art Foundation
-Fundamentals of Digital Media
-Design Fundamentals
-Fundamentals of Photography
-Design Immersion
-Drawing & Rendering
-Basic Web & Interaction Design
-Studio VC1
-Studio VC2
-General Studies
-Writing Skills for Designers
-Creative Storytelling
-Advanced Digital
-Marketing & Creative Strategy
-Cultural & Trend Studies
-Studio VC3
-Studio VC4
-Infographics & Data Visualisation
-General Studies