Diploma in Textile Technology-Spinning- Course

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This course of Diploma in Yarn Manufacturing (Spinning) has been developed for those persons who have completed the 12 years education or above .The modules cover all the departments of a spinning mill which include Blow room,Carding, Drawing, Combing, Roving , Ring Spinning, Cone-winding, and Packing.
Overall objective of course:
To be able to monitor all the operations of yarn manufacturing.
Competencies gained after completion of course:
o Trainees will be able to monitor raw material supplied for spinning process.
o Trainees will be able to identify all processes and quality parameters.
o Trainees will be able to complete work in a team.
o Trainees will be able to do proper communication and human resource skills.
o Trainees will be able to perform report writing.
o Trainee should be able to distinguish different types of materials.
o Trainee should be able to assess faults by feel or looking at material.
o Trainee should be able to identify the cause of stoppages / breakages on machine.
o Trainee should be able to perform and understand the yarn manufacturing process in
spinning mills
o Trainee should be able to perform and understand the operations and settings of all
o Trainee should be able to understand the good and bad practices during yarn

Eligibilty :  F.Sc. / A’Levels / Intermediate / Bachelor Degree
Duration : Two Years

Course Contents :
Module 1. Carryout Machine Inspection
-Perform cleaning
-Inspect tools and equipment
-Carry out trial run of machine
-Check, the types of material in process
-Details of machines
-Inform the incharge about problems of relevant department
Module 2. Perform Initial Operations of Blow room
-Opening and mixing of bales
-Removal of contamination from material
-Place the material under mixing machine
-Check the flow of material
-Check the contamination sorting process
-Removal waste material from waste boxes
Module 3. Perform Carding Operations
-Check the material to be fed
-Place empty can in coiler
-Operate the carding machine
-Handover the carded sliver
Module 4. Perform breaker drawing operations
-Place the received carded sliver cans on respective drawing machine
-Check can crossing
-Check the number of doubling
-Clean the drafting zone
-Perform the draw frame trial test
-Hand over drawn sliver
Module 5.  Perform lap formation and combing operations
-Creel the received drawn sliver
-Check the sliver doubling
-Run the lap former machine
-Feed the lap to combing machine
-Run the comber
-Remove comber noil
Module 6. Perform finisher draw frame operations
-Place the received carded /comber sliver under machine creel
-Check the number of doubling
-Clean the drafting zone
-Perform the draw frame trial test
-Hand overdrawn sliver.
Module 7. Perform Simplex operation
-Place the finished sliver cans under roving frame creel
-Place empty bobbins on roving frame
-Insert the roving in flyer presser
-Operate the roving frame
-Piecing when needed
-Doff the filled bobbins
-Stacking of roving bobbins properly


Module 8. Perform ring  frame operation
-Hang the received roving bobbins on ring frame asper requirement
-Feed the roving to drafting zone
-Clean the drafting Zone
-Place empty bobbins on spindle
-Insert the suitable traveller on ring
-Piecing the yarn
-Start the Machine
-Handover the ring spun bobbins to winding department
Module 9. Perform cone winding Operation
-Feed the received ring bobbins in the magazine as per requirement
-Place empty cones on the winding spindles as per instruction
-Run the Machine
-Stacking of the finished package in conditioning department
Module 10. Perform yarn conditioning and packing
-Place the cones in conditioning machine or conditioning room
-Stack the cones after conditioning
-Wrap the individual cones
-Pack the cones in recommended package
Module 11. Communicate with others
-Communicate with people in relevant department
-Communicate with the supervisor
-Communicate with Co-workers
Module 12.  Develop Professionalism
-Consult with expert workers
-Skill Development
-Updating of relevant techniques
Module 13. Adopt Safety Precautions
-Apply safety tools, equipments and techniques
-Apply human safety
-Apply workplace safety

– Practical Work Experience