Diploma in Production Engineering Course

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Production engineering, also known as manufacturing engineering, is the design, development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and control of all processes in the manufacture of a product. Within this context a ‘product’ is defined as an item that has value added to it during the production process. Value is added by means of processes such as forming, machining, joining, and assembly.Production engineering is practice of manufacturing technology with management science as a professional. Its aim is to accomplish the manufacturing processes in an effective, efficient & most-economic way. Production Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field of engineering with managementthat rejects splitting engineering into separate disciplines. Production engineering is a professional en-gineering practice of manufacturing technology with management science. Its aim is to complete the production processes efficiently & economically. A production engineer has a wide knowledge of different engineering practices (mechanical, instrumentation & devices), scientific knowledge & management skills to handle the real world problems. These abilities are fundamental for the performance of coordinating and integrating professionals of multidisciplinary different teams across the production process. In any industry, once the design is finalized, production engineering concepts regarding work-study, resource planning & management, materials management and transportation play important roles in efficient production processes. Production engineering overlaps substantially with manufacturing engineering & industrial engineering.

Eligibility :  Grade 12 +  / F.Sc. / A’Levels
Duration :  Two Years

Course Content :


Fluid Mechanics
Engineering Thermodynamics
Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
Computer Graphics & Solid Modelling
Electrical Machines

Systems Programming and Languages
Production Management
Primary Production Processes
Measurements and Instrumentation
Analysis and Synthesis of Linkages and Machines
Materials Science and Technology

Ergonomics and Work Design
Metal Cutting Principles and Machining Technology
Heat Transfer
Design of Machine Elements
Environmental Management


Machine Tools Systems
Automation, CNC Machines and Robotics
Mechatronics and Modern Control
Design of Mechanical Systems
Dynamics of Machines

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Advances in Materials Processing
Operations Research and Industrial Management
Ethics in Engineering Profession
Engineering Economy and Financial Management

Plant Layout and Automated Material Handling
Forecasting and Marketing Management
Entrepreneurship and E-Business
Production and Managerial Economics