Diploma in Food Technology Course

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Food Technology is a course developed with a vision to prepare learners with expertise in areas related to Food Science and Technology. The course provides an in-depth knowledge of the scientific and technical approaches needed to understand the nature of raw food materials.It enables students to perform efficient successful transformation of raw food into saleable eatables, help students understand the different aspects of food and the changes which it undergoes with varying factors.Food Technology Course helps students in understanding concepts such as the composition of food, develop in candidates an understanding of food’s nutritional, physicochemical and microbiological properties, provide students an advanced insight to the different techniques related to food preservation and food processing, and also teach students concepts such as the importance of food quality, plant sanitation, food laws and regulations, and packaging in food industry.Food is one of the essential things in life one cannot live without, which is the reason why the food industry is thriving. There are dynamic changes constantly taking place in the world in response to food shortage.Working in the food industry offers abundant opportunities that are challenging as well as fulfilling. The products that we see in the groceries market have undergone rigorous development processes to ensure that the consumer gets the best product possible.A Food Scientist is responsible for understanding the nature and requirement of food supply and applying skills and knowledge of chemical, biological and physical sciences to devise ways to meet the growing food needs.They need to have an understanding and enhancing aspects of food including flavor and nutritional content, quality assurance, supply handling, storage and longevity, processing, preservation. packaging. and distribution.Food Technologists are responsible for ensuring that the created food products meet standards set by both the organization & food regulatory bodies.Such professionals check, review, and update the various regulatory norms for food production, packaging, label, storage, and distribution.

Eligibility : F.Sc./A’Level / Grade 12 +(Science)
Duration : Two Years  including Six Months Internship

Course Outline :

Semester 1

Fundamentals of Food Processing
Introduction to Food Chemistry
Fundamentals of Food Microbiology
Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition
Food Hygiene and Sanitation

Semester 2

Fundamentals of Milk Processing
Food Analysis
Food Laws and Quality Assurance
Concentrated and Dehydrated Milk Products
Fermented and Coagulated Milk Products

Semester 3

Technology of Cereals and Millets
Bakery and Confectionery Products
Technology of Pulses and Oilseeds
Postharvest Physiology and Handling of Fruits and Vegetables
Principles of Fruits and Vegetables Technology

Semester 4

Processed Fruits and Vegetable Products
Technology of Spices and Plantation Products
Packaging of Fresh and Processed Fruits
Introduction to Finance, Accounts and Auditing
Introduction to Business Laws and Ethics

Semester 5

Food Refrigeration and Cold Storage Technology
Sugar and Confectionery Technology
Food Chemistry
Food Packaging
Food Additives

Semester 6

Protein Chemistry and Technology
Emerging Technologies in Food Processing
Food Dehydration Technology

Six Months Internship (Before , After Or During the Course)