Diploma in Digital Design Course

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Graduates of the Digital Design Diploma program are capable of the creative aspects of designing and producing flexible digital and print media, including websites, e-publications, applications, and interactive/multimedia products for public, non-profit, and corporate clients. Working individually or as part of a project team, graduates have the skills to present, defend, and critique digital media projects meeting client need, project scope, and available resources.

Eligibilty :  Bachelor Degree and / or F.Sc./A’Level/Intermediate + Work Experience
Duration : One Year

Potential Graduate Career Opportunities:

Exciting career opportunities are possible in both the public and private sector including companies and corporations, non-profit agencies, and government agencies.
-Graphic designer
-Web designer and developer
-Graphic arts technician
-Front-end web developer
-Mobile designer
Requirement :
Laptop specifications
Intel quad core CPU (i5 or i7)
8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
13 inch 1080p screen (15 inches recommended)
a dedicated graphics card with 2GB of VRam
a 128GB solid state hard drive (256GB recommended)
a portable hard drive (for data backup)
Windows 10

Course Specifications:


-Fundamental Principles of Digital Design
-Introduction to the Digital Design Profession
-Introduction to Digital Media Production
-User Experience Design
-Digital Marketing Communications


-Interaction Design for Mobile Experiences
-Digital Design Studio
-Intermediate Digital Design Tools
-Technical and Copywriting
-Interaction Design for Web and Applications


-Content Strategy
-Design Principles in Action
-Layout Digital Design Tools
-Video and Audio Production
-Digital Design Studio:Problem Solving
-Digital Design Capstone Research & Planning


-Motion Design
-Interaction Design for Social Experiences
-Digital Design Professional Practice
-Digital Design Capstone
-Advanced User Experience Design
-Freelancing and Entrepreneurship