Diploma in Digital Design : Animation and Film Course

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The Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic Design gives you a taste of all the major components of graphic design and web development.Successfully complete this course in Digital Media and Design and this little piece of paper tells the design world that you have the latest industry skills, some hands-on experience, and a headful of brilliant ideas. When it comes to launching your design career, there’s no better rocket platform.

Eligibilty :  Bachelor Degree and / or F.Sc./A’Level/Intermediate + Work Experience
Duration : One Year
Opportunities abound for talented graphic designers and web developers. Work for the man, or work for yourself; for a large corporation or a boutique ad agency; for a not-for-profit or a hipster start-up. Wherever you want to work, and whoever you want to work for, this programme is a great way to begin your journey towards these career opportunities…

IN-HOUSE DESIGNER – Work as a graphic designer in the creative department of a corporation, such as a bank, insurance company or retail business
> CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Take the creative lead at an ad agency or marketing company, collaborating with designers, writers, artists, and marketers to create a vision for products and brands.
> MAC OPERATOR – Specialise in print and use your technical skills for the pre-press (preparation for print) process, often in large advertising agencies.
> WEB AND MOBILE INTERFACE DESIGNER – Use your creative and technical expertise to create great user experiences on websites, mobile phones, and other devices.
> WEB DEVELOPER – More of a back-end kind of creative? If you enjoy programming then fix your focus on the back-end development of a website and the creation of highly complex search functions.

Course components:

You’ll study four 10-week modules, and complete an in-depth assessment of each.

Module 1: Design Foundation – gain core skills that are a must for any designer. Learn about current industry processes so you can fit right into the workplace.
Module 2: Web Design – find out how to make a functional, responsive website that displays on both tablet and smartphone using WordPress, and basic HTML and CSS.
Module 3: Graphic Design – get the skills to create a wide range of professionally-crafted documents for digital display.
Module 4: User Interface – study the way humans and technology interact. Learn to build a user interface that is functional and intuitive.