Diploma in Culinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course

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A unique course allowing the opportunity for students with advanced culinary skills to
learn the art and science of managing culinary innovation and entrepreneurship.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Identify and understand the various processes and stages required to bring a new
food product from conception to commercialization.
2. Be aware of the dynamics of working on a product development team.
3. Understand how to write a product formula and finished product specifications.
4. Interact with industry leaders in the development of entrepreneurship skills.
5.Understand how current innovations in food processing have changed how food is
produced and consumed.
6.Identify the main drivers that influence Global and American macro and micro trends.

Eligibilty : Bachelor in any Field and / Or F.Sc./A’Level/Intermediate + Work Experience
Duration : One Year

Course Outline:


1.Intro to Innovation,Entrepreneurship and New Food Product Development

2.Product Development Process -Overview The Organization of the Product Development Project part I

3.Culinary Trends and Market Research The Organization of the Product Development Project part II

4.Product Strategy Development: Idea Generation and Screening

5.Product Strategy Development: Product Concepts and Design Specifications


1.Product Design and Process Development

2.Product Commercialization

3.Product Launch and Evaluation and Bringing it all together

4.Protocept Testing

5.Development Protocept Testing


1.Gold Standard Development

2.Commercial Product Development

3.Shelf-Life Testing

4.Sensory Evaluation

5.Presentation of Developed Products