Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Course

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Programme Highlights:
Students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of Database System, Software Engineering, Computer Networking and Operating System for software applications, design & develop program, algorithms and projects using open source tools and efficient data structure.

Eligibilty :  F.Sc./A’Level/Intermediate/Grade 12 with Mathematics
Duration : One/Two Years-As per requirement
Some of the major areas that will be covered:
Computer engineering covers the concepts of Database Management Systems, Operating System, Software Engineering, Web Programming, Network Security and Management, Mobile Computing, and many others. These concepts can be applied in industries to design hardware, software, firmware, and manage all forms of computer systems.
Programme Outcomes:
-An ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline
-An ability to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution
-An ability to design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs
-An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal
-An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities
-An ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences
-An ability to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society
-Recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in continuing professional development
-An ability to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice
-An ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modelling and design of computer-based systems.
-An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity
Career Avenues:
Computer science careers cover many different topics, such as algorithms and programming languages. Students in this area can get their bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Computer engineering careers are geared towards testing different digital software, inspecting computer equipment and focus on computer-related needs for different organizations.

1st semester subjects- 
*Computer Programming (Introduction)
*Digital Electronics
*Basic Electronics
*Computer Application (Introduction)

2nd semester subjects-

*Engineering Physics
*Computer Programming (Advanced)
*Basic Electronics
*Web Designing

3rd semester subjects-

*C++ Programming
*Database Management System
*Operating System
*Data Structure
*Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming

4th semester subjects-

*Computer Networks
*Software Development (Basics)
*Database Management System (Advanced)
*Net Programming
*Computer Organization and Architecture
*Web Development Tools

5th semester subjects-

*Java Programming
*Web Development
*Computer Maintenance
*Elective Subject

6th semester subjects-

*Java Programming (Advanced)
*Elective Subjects