Diploma in Computer Engineering Course

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Computer Engineering is a discipline that focuses on the study and development of computer software and hardware. It can be said to be an integrated discipline, consisting of elements of electrical engineering, computer science and electronics engineering.Some of the important topics covered in this branch of engineering include- microcontrollers, microprocessors, software development and testing, circuit design, hardware and networking.Computer engineers can be said to have knowledge of the above mentioned topics. With specialization course, they may even become experts at certain topics (chosen ones). Main tasks of computer engineers include designing, planning, testing and supervision of computer systems- both hardware and software.

Eligibilty :  F.Sc./A’Level/Intermediate/Grade 12 with Mathematics
Duration : One/Two Years-As per requirement

Job opportunities are available in Government as well as Private sector enterprises. Computer Engineering Diploma holders may work as software or hardware engineers in such enterprises.Self employment is another good opportunity available in front of computer engineers. One may become an independent software engineer or start own hardware sales/support service!Computer engineers may also find a job in IT Companies. Computer manufacturing units are also known to recruit computer engineers. Firms designing and manufacturing sensors, VLSI chips, microcontrollers, microprocessors, circuit boards, computer systems and other such parts are also known to recruit computer engineers. Telecom sector companies are also well known recruiters.
Common job profiles include-
-Software Engineer
-Hardware Engineer
-Networking Engineer
-Software Tester
-Web Designer
-App Developer
-Project Engineer

1st semester subjects-
*Computer Programming (Introduction)
*Digital Electronics
*Basic Electronics
*Computer Application (Introduction)

2nd semester subjects-

*Engineering Physics
*Computer Programming (Advanced)
*Basic Electronics
*Web Designing

3rd semester subjects-

*C++ Programming
*Database Management System
*Operating System
*Data Structure
*Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming

4th semester subjects-

*Computer Networks
*Software Development (Basics)
*Database Management System (Advanced)
*Net Programming
*Computer Organization and Architecture
*Web Development Tools

5th semester subjects-

*Java Programming
*Web Development
*Computer Maintenance
*Elective Subject

6th semester subjects-

*Java Programming (Advanced)
*Elective Subjects