Diploma in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Diploma
Chemical Engineering is a branch of Engineering that applies concepts of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and economics to produce, transform, transport and use chemicals, materials (raw materials, products or by products) and energy.

Chemical Engineering discipline touches our day to day lives in many ways. This discipline plays active role in sectors such as Pharmaceutical production, Food processing, Water purification, Sanitation, Textiles, Petrochemicals, Everyday materials (Rubber, Plastic, Polymers, Cleansing agents etc).

Eligibility : Matric / F.Sc. ( Science with Mathematics)
Duration : 1 Year / 2 Years / 3 Years (As per Candidate requirement)
Contents :
1st Semester subjects-

Engineering Mathematics
Basic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Engineering Drawing
Computer Utilization

2nd Semester subjects-

Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Physics
Engineering Drawing/Graphics
Environmental Conservation and Hazard Management
Organic Chemistry

3rd Semester subjects-

Chemical Engineering Materials
Mechanical Operations
Fluid Mechanics
Industrial Stoichiometry
Chemical Process Technology

4th Semester subjects-

Process Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Chemical Process Technology
Pollution Control and Effluent Treatment
Safety and Hazard Management

5th Semester subjects-

Industrial Management
Mass Transfer
Petroleum Refining
Utilities and Instrumentation
Project Work

6th Semester subjects-

Fertilizer Technology
Chemical Plant Economics
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Elective Subject
Project Work

Diverse job opportunities are available in front of Diploma in Chemical Engineering certificate holders. Government as well as private sector jobs are available in front of them.

Talking about Government sector, State/Central Government owned Fertilizer Manufacturing firms, Chemical Plants, DRDO, ONGC, Government operated refineries, OIL, Food Boards, Agriculture Boards, Water Boards, Municipal Corporations etc are known to hire Chemical Engineers.

When it comes to private sector, some of the prime recruiters are- Chemical plants, Pharmaceutical companies, Food processing companies, Petrochemical industry, Metallurgy industry, Biotechnology firms and Fertilizer manufacturing firms.

Common job profiles available in front of Chemical Engineers include-

Chemical Engineer
Assistant Chemical Engineer
Process Control Engineer
Plant Design Engineer
Plant Supervisor
Quality Control Engineer
Safety Management Officer