CPR & First Aid Diploma Course

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You never know when you’ll find yourself in an accident or emergency health situation. When your action or inaction can mean the difference between life or death, it’s important to always be prepared. Even knowing the very basics of First Aid and CPR can help save a life, and it isn’t complicated or hard to learn. Whether you require a CPR and First Aid certification for work, or just want to be prepared to help those in need, our online course will equip you with the tools and training you need to feel confident and ready to act..Professional Revolutionary Institute of Technology Private Limited is approved and accredited by the numerous International & national Diploma, Qualification & Certification awarding bodies.We are the Pioneer organization which is issuing Same Certificate/Diploma in five languages English, French, Chinese, Arabic & Urdu.(This is only applicable on PRIT Qualifications).International and Other organization’s certificates will be in English.A good thing is that anyone can apply for admission from any part of the world.

Course Outline:
Module 1: Introduction And History
History of First Aid
How First Aid has evolved
History of CPR
Success Rates
Module 2: First Aid Basics
Cleansing and treating wounds
Creating a splint
Creating a tourniquet
Treating someone in shock
Administering injections
Module 3: The Science Of Cpr
Situations of need
Physiology of CPR
Making the decision
Module 4: Preparing For Cpr
Evaluate the situation
Check for responsiveness
Call for help
survey the area for helpful tools
Module 5: Performing Cpr
Head tilt, chin lift
Clearing the airway
Giving compressions
Rescue breathing
Using an AED