Computer Operator Diploma Course

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A computer operator is the person responsible for monitoring and controlling computer systems in a company or organization.Responsibilities include troubleshooting software and hardware problems, maintaining and improving system performance and online availability, maintaining all system and application documentation, and assisting personnel with computer problems. Other responsibilities depend on the employer but might include system backups, maintaining computer room equipment including printers and tape storage devices, and providing customer support. .We are glad to welcome you to the website of PRIT Private Limited.Professional Revolutionary Institute of Technology Private Limited is approved and accredited by the numerous International & national Diploma, Qualification & Certification awarding bodies.We are the Pioneer organization which is issuing Same Certificate/Diploma in five languages English, French, Chinese, Arabic & Urdu.(This is only applicable on PRIT Qualifications).International and Other organization’s certificates will be in English.A good thing is that anyone can apply for admission from any part of the world.

Course Outline:

1: Maintain Computer System
2: Prepare Word Documents
3: Prepare Spreadsheets
4: Prepare Presentation
5: Prepare In-page documents
6: Manage e-mail / internet
7: Manage Information System
8: Identify and peruse new business opportunities in the field of Computer (ICT)