Chip Designing Diploma Course

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This course covers design simulation, verification/testing and synthesis/implementation of FPGA based digital systems using the standard Verilog hardware description language and Synthesis Tool. It also covers Digital Signal Processing (DSP) implementation in FPGAs and real-time debugging with Xilinx ChipScope Pro Tools.We are glad to welcome you to the website of PRIT Private Limited.Professional Revolutionary Institute of Technology Private Limited is approved and accredited by the numerous International & national Diploma, Qualification & Certification awarding bodies.We are the Pioneer organization which is issuing Same Certificate/Diploma in five languages English, French, Chinese, Arabic & Urdu.(This is only applicable on PRIT Qualifications).Interantional and Other organization’s certificates will be in English.A good thing is that anyone can apply for admission from any part of the world.

Course Outline:
Digital Design Methodology
Verilog HDL with designing issues
Introduction to VHDL and comparison with Verilog HDL
Behavioral and RTL Design
Optimized state machine based design
Testing and Verification Methodology
Xilinx FPGA/CPLD architecture
Constraint Definitions and its analysis
Digital Circuits Designed for specific FPGA
Timing Analysis, Core Generator, Floor Planner, FPGA Editor
Synthesis and implementation using ISE 8.2i
DSP Implementation (Difference equations
Multi-rate, Pipelining, transforms etc) in FPGAs
System On Chip (SoC)
FPGA configuration modes and in-depth study of FPGA based PCB
Real time debugging for Xilinx FPGA by using ChipScope Pro Tools
Hardware Testing of FPGA based Design on Xilinx training boards