Certificate in Introduction to Electrical Wiring Course

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This is a basic course for anyone who wants to know more about the all-important electricity that brings the power to run modern life. Even though electrical wiring appears complicated we have simplified things for you by using simple wiring diagrams which clearly illustrates all the basic components of electrical wiring – starting with incoming supply, consumer panel, wiring components, wiring different circuits like radial, ring, parallel, single phase, three phase and so on. We have also gone into the selection of conductor sizes and circuit breakers, distribution of load between phases and the application and wiring of Residual Current Devices (GFCIs).

Eligibility :  Grade 10 +  ( Science with Mathematics)
Duration :  Three Months

Course content

1.Introduction to Electrical Wiring

-Basics of Electrical Wiring

2.Components of Electrical Wiring
Looking inside a Distribution Board
-Tracing a circuit inside a Distribution Board
-Radial Wiring Circuit
-Ring Wiring Circuit
-Wiring Three Phase Load
-Wiring of Earth conductor
-Choosing Wire and Breaker Sizes

3.Ground Fault and Protection
-The function of Earth Wire
-Principle of Residual Current Device (Also called GFCI)
-Testing the RCD
-Drawbacks of RCDs
-How to wire RCD

4.Putting into Practice-Wiring of a sample apartment
-Overview of the apartment Distribution Board
-Lighting Circuits Wiring
Socket Outlets Wiring
-Fixed Equipment Wiring
-Circuit breaker and wire size selection