Building Construction Diploma Course

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This course is a study of residential and commercial construction products and systems. This course will analyze construction projects from concept and documentation to a survey of major structural systems and interior and exterior finishes. The relationship of each system and construction process is delivered through the use of actual construction drawings and documentation. Numerous real-world examples will be utilized throughout the course. The latest technology, laws and regulations associated with building systems will be presented..We are glad to welcome you to the website of PRIT Private Limited.Professional Revolutionary Institute of Technology Private Limited is approved and accredited by the numerous International & national Diploma, Qualification & Certification awarding bodies.We are the Pioneer organization which is issuing Same Certificate/Diploma in five languages English, French, Chinese, Arabic & Urdu.(This is only applicable on PRIT Qualifications).Interantional and Other organization’s certificates will be in English.A good thing is that anyone can apply for admission from any part of the world.

Course Outline:

Reading Architectural Working Drawings
Structural Considerations, Soils and the Building Site
Foundation Materials and Systems
Residential Light Framing Products and Systems
Interior and Exterior Finishes and Materials
Review and Midterm Exam
Steel Frame Construction Systems
Site Cast and Precast Reinforced Concrete Framing