Art of Baking Certificate Course

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The Art of Baking 
This intensive Course takes you through the key principles of cakes, pastry and bread. Each day you will enjoy to learn techniques and skills, prepare you ingredients and recipes and cook a varied menu.

(15 Days+1 Month Practical)


Maintain Hygiene (Hygiene and Sanitation)
– Adopt Safety Precautions (Awareness of Health & Safety Measures)
– Perform Pre Work (Cleaning the Pastry/ Bakery Kitchen and Preparing For Work)
– Introduction to Bakery Terminology
– Introduction to Bakery Commodities
– Introduction to Bakery Equipment
– Bake the Bread (Preparing Different Types of Bread and Other Yeast Items)
– Prepare Cake and Cookies (Preparing Cakes and Cookies)
– Prepare Pastry (Preparing Sauces, Glazes and Creams for Pastry and Cakes)
– Prepare Desert Items (Preparing Dessert Items)
– Maintain Store for Finished Products
– Pest Control
– Communication Skills
– Closing Down the Bakery Section
– Giving Basic First Aid and Responding to Emergencies
– Develop Professionalism